Kyungwoo Chun


Kyungwoo Chun the South Korean performance and photo artist has made a name for himself far from his home of Seoul. With exhibitions from New York to Berlin Chun’s work is widely recognised by his equivocal portraiture photography.


Taken with long exposures, Chun’s images lie in a blurred state of uncertainty. Through the years, the artist has extended the exposure times of his photographs from a few minutes to several days. The artist captures mystery and the „unseen“ of a photograph, creating a replica of reality.


The Andres Thalmann Gallery was very pleased to be able to realise the Versus performance with Kyungwoo Chun in Zurich. After touring to Seoul, Barcelona, Lisbon, New York and Göppingen, the performance took place in Zurich, the only Versus happening in Switzerland. Inspired by the traditional Chinese symbol rén, def. Man Kyungwoo Chun refers to a persons’ need for a counterpart.



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