Barbara Heé


Over a period of twenty years, Barbara Heé has photographed Lake Sils and its Chaviolas Island again and again. A subtle portrait of this high-mountain landscape in the Upper Engadin is captured in black-and-white panorama ­photographs of entrancing depth and composition. The doubling caused by mirroring in the lake and ever-changing lighting create spaces of a magical presence. The precise observation of similar motifs opens up a world of sculptural forms that goes beyond mere likenesses.


Barbara Heé was born in Saint Gallen, Switzerland in 1957. The artist has had close ties to the Engadin since childhood and spends time in this mountain landscape on regular ­sojourns to the region. Barbara Heé works in drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Her works are shown internationally at galleries and museums. She lives with her family in Zurich.




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