Nigel Hall

Through Clouds

11.03.2022 – 14.05.2022



“Through Clouds” is the title of the exhibition and also that of the most recent work shown. It is both descriptive of a real spatial event and a metaphor for a state of being as one emerges from a period in life clouded by uncertainty and loss into a world of light and clarity. 


It was born of a new experience, a rare and unexpected delight in later years, that of gliding – the art of unpowered flight. New perspectives were revealed and also the tangible feel of the surprisingly solid air; the search for currents of uplift and an almost physical awareness of dropping into the void with a change of temperature. Lost and found is a phrase which comes to mind and seems appropriate. 


As with most of my work, titles are important but very seldom descriptive. They are more an indication of where the mind wandered at the inception and during the making process. Sometimes they are only arrived at during a period of contemplation after completion. 


Equally important are my two dimensional works, both on paper and canvas. They utilise a similar language to the sculpture but are autonomous works. They imply gravity whilst being free of its constraints. They indicate mass and void and the history of their making often with an intensity of colour set against a deep, sombre black. The colours gleam through clouds of charcoal dust. 


Nigel Hall 

March 2022


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