Barbara Ellmerer

Sense of Science. Paintings. Book launch




When an apple falls to the ground, we see the effect of gravity. But not all laws of nature are so obvious. The painter Barbara Ellmerer takes invisible principles from physics, biology and cosmology as a starting point to transfer them into pictures. She sends us into a realm of color and forms, in which forces, movements and processes from nature are translated in a way that is related to meaning and become comprehensible. In this way, she also captures something inexplicable that reminds us how much the world is still a miracle. Barbara Ellmerer - Sense of Science. Paintings presents a selection of oil paintings and works on paper from the creative period from 2010 to 2020. Ellmerer's paintings, some of which are large-format, are not only shown in their entirety, but also in enlargements of details: in this way, brush marks, color qualities, surfaces, depths, movements, and weights can be experienced sensually, and the change of media-from painting to photography to reproduction in the book-is used fruitfully. In her text, quantum physicist Laura Corman follows up on a gallery conversation with the artist and explains the connections of Ellmerer's work to the natural sciences. The cultural journalist and photography expert Nadine Olonetzky describes the possibilities of art to make invisible processes comprehensible.